How quickly a website shall open would depend not just on the Internet connection of the site visitor, but also on the connectivity of the hosting machine in which the site is hosted and on the network infrastructure - routers, server network card, and so on. Slow connection or hardware which can't deal with a high volume of inbound and outbound traffic may have powerful influence on the user experience of your customers and the efficiency of your internet site as people will most probably see error messages that the site isn't available or it shall take a long time for your content to load. In the event that this sort of a thing takes place, it's not likely that the guests shall revisit your website. For this reason you should always examine the connectivity of any hosting machine that you purchase and not only the main hardware components which include hard disk, cpu and physical memory.

Server Network Hardware in Dedicated Servers

If you host your websites and apps on a dedicated server from our company, not only will you get powerful hardware that can cope with massive load, but you'll enjoy really quick access speed to your content. All machines include gigabit network cards and the internal network inside our data center in the downtown area of Chicago is built with the latest equipment to be sure that there will not be any problems even if a large number of people access your websites and generate a lot of incoming and outgoing traffic. We use multi-gigabit fiber routes, so the loading speed of your internet site will depend exclusively on the Internet connection of your visitors as we've done everything feasible to provide an infrastructure which enables you to get the most of your dedicated server package deal. Using our services you'll never have to be concerned about any interruptions or slow loading speeds of any site.